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Among the Benefits and Hazards of the Plant

Not all the flowers that look beautiful and fragrant it is worth for you to enjoy. Although the following flowers are classified into ornamental plants. But he keeps something that might get you away from the flower. Its beautiful name, Angel’s trumpet does not reflect anything that smells ‘angel’ at all. Quite the opposite, this flower is often associated with something dangerous and also deadly. This one plant is actually ornamental plants. Because of the shape of a beautiful flower like a trumpet.

Flower Trumpets are usually yellow. But along with the development, trumpet flowers propagated by step crossing or cuttings. And can produce flowers Trumpets are white, purple, and so forth.

This Flower Plant belongs to the relatives of Solanaceae (nightshade). This flower actually comes from South America which then developed to spread throughout the world. Flowers are also popular with the name of Brugmansia or Datura is indeed a type of ornamental plants that have an attractive appearance and eye-catching. The shape resembles a trumpet and has a variety of colors, there are flowers that are white, yellow, also orange, and blue-purple.

As a type of ornamental plant, these Brugmansia flowers have other benefits and benefits. In medicine, for example, this flower can indeed be used as medical materials. Among other narcotics, anticholinergics, drugs, spasmolytic and anti-asthma. In addition, trumpet flowers contain important alkaloids such as scopolamine, atropine, and histamine. These materials play an important role in modern medicine.

Then for external treatment, Brugmansia is also often used to treat pain, orchitis, headache, arthritis. Can also to treat dermatitis, infection, which is packaged in the form of syrup, ointment, or can be done transdermal leaves in the skin. In fact, in addition to being used for external treatment, it can also be used for internal medicine. Just as for abdominal pain, or expel worms and parasites. But the use for the inside of the body is so rarely done. This is because the danger is very high when consumed. Keep in mind if all parts of Angel’s trumpet plant are toxic, including seeds and leaves.

You should know if in this plant there is a substance called hallucinogen. Which among others can make a person experiencing hallucinations. The content that is in the trumpet or floral interest of this amorphous atropine. Also, hyoscyamine and scopolamine are classified into either consciousness removers or anticholinergics. Further effects can damage the nerves of the brain, which can result in people like daze or death.

So even with cannabis, can be beneficial for health and medicine, Medical Cannabis has been legalized in many countries due to the many benefits that can be obtained from using it, but with the correct dose and not excessive.